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Violin Lessons


The violin, also known as a fiddle, is a string instrument made from a hollow wooden body. It is the most commonly known string instrument.  It is no wonder that most children ask for the violin in particular when signing up for lessons. 

Voilin Classes Can Next You To New Levels

Our violin instructors are dedicated to giving our students the fundamentals to become proficient violinists.  We help them with bowing technique, pitch, checking their posture, reading music, and handling their instrument, and as they progress in violin lessons, we will help them develop techniques through fun violin classes to become a skilled violinist.

Engaging Violin lessons nearby you

The violin offers fantastic training for your ears because you have to pay careful attention to pitch. It helps build attention to detail.

Our schools are located in National City and Eastlake, Chula Vista.

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National City Violin Lesson Schedule
Eastlake- Chula Vista Violin Lesson Schedule

$140.00 four weeks, 30mins per week.

Are you ready for violin lessons?

More About Our Violin Lessons At National City San Diego And Eastlake, Chula Vista

What age can my child begin Violin lessons?

We start at 5.5 years old 

What Styles Of Music Do You Teach?

Mainly classical but you can explore other genres such as pop and rock.

Do We Need To Have A Violin At Home?

Absolutely! Our violin instructors can help you find the right size and fit for the student.  You can directly purchase or rent from us to help get you started easier.

What Will My Child Learn In Violin Lessons?

In the first few months, your child will learn violin fundamentals, proper posture for playing the violin and  how to bow open strings and control the weight and sound of the bow.  Once they gain technique and confidence in holding their instrument and bow correctly, they can start to play notes other than open strings and move on to playing more complex tunes

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Be Able To Play The Violin?

To progress and develop skills and achieve milestones in playing the violin will take commitment. Hollywood School of Music and Dance offers a consistent, supportive learning environment to help your child thrive and enjoy music lessons to the fullest.  Allow us to build their confidence through music!

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