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Ukulele Lessons

Play your favorite tunes on the ukulele!

The ukulele, easy to learn and fun to play! The perfect instrument to get your child to make music.  

Making music should be an enjoyable experience.  Unlike traditional instruments such as violin or trumpet, that take years of practice to sound pleasant, ukulele students can be playing their favorite tunes by artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Grace VanderWaal in their first few lessons. 

There are also some physical reasons why the ukulele is great for kids. Children have small arms and hands, so the little size of the ukulele makes it easy to hold and strum. The nylon strings also make it easy on their fingers, unlike a steel-string instrument such as a guitar,  which can be painful to fret for beginners. 

So if you have a child screaming for guitar lessons and they’re not 6 yet, start them in ukulele lessons. .It’s a  great instrument to transition from going to guitar. 

Our schools are located in National City and Eastlake,  Chula Vista. We have been serving the community since  1994.  More than music…more than dance….We are in the business of building confidence!

National City Ukulele Lesson Schedule

$100.00 four weeks, 60 minutes per week.

Eastlake- Chula Vista Ukulele  Lesson Schedule

$100.00 four weeks, 60 minutes per week.

More About Our Ukulele Lessons At National City San Diego And Eastlake, Chula Vista

What age can my child begin Ukulele lessons?

The right age to start ukulele lessons really depends on the individual child. In general, you can start them early at 5 or as early as 4.5 Remember that children have different levels of fine motor skill development, so this is just a guideline. We recommend a one-paid trial lesson to see if your child is ready before committing to music lessons.  

What Styles Of Music Do You Teach?

The ukulele is often used in island music, but it can also be used for other genres of music, such as rock, jazz, and blues.

Do We Need To Have A Ukulele At Home?

Yes so students can practice at home in between lessons. Ukuleles are available to purchase from our studios 

if the student is younger than 10 years old, go with a  standard size, also known as a soprano. They are small,  easier to hold, and the neck isn’t as wide, which makes holding chords more comfortable. If the student is 10 and under a concert is perfect. They can grow into it as they hit their teenage years, and there’s no need to buy another ukulele. 

What Will My Child Learn In Ukulele Lessons?

In our ukulele lessons, students learn chords, sight reading, strumming patterns, playing simple songs &  melodies, and basic music theory. We pick songs that are easy to play and sing along to, making it a fun musical experience.

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Be Able To Play The Ukulele?

Your child will be able to play the piano on day one. However, to  progress and develop skills and achieve milestones will take  commitment. Hollywood School of Music and Dance offers a  consistent, supportive learning environment to help your child 

thrive and enjoy music lessons to the fullest. Allow us to build their confidence through music!

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