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Dance Class Guidelines and Policies

This outlines your child’s required uniform, what we expect in terms of attendance and punctuality and other important matters


  1. Via Text 619-639-9934 – Texts sent to this number is seen by our Admin tram and will be responded to accordingly
  2. Through the Parent Portal – How to access? Visit our website, click on “PARENT PORTAL” located on the upper right hand of the home page. Use the email you provided when you registered. 
  3. Via Email
  4. Call us during business hours 619-837-2850 x2


Dancers need to arrive to class dressed properly — Leotard, skirt, tights, proper dance shoes, hair tied back

  1. Students must arrive wearing the uniform appropriate to their grade or level (see uniform list below).  
  2. Students must wear regular dancewear; NO fancy tutus in class unless it’s Sparkle week! (*Sparkle week is themed week for our young dancers 3 to 6 year olds unless your 6-year old attends 6 to 10-year old class)
  3. Hair must be neatly tied in a bun
  4. Jewelry must not be worn to class
  5. Dance shoes must not be worn outside

Princess Ballet Class 3-6 years old 

  • Pink Leotard, skirt, tights, Ballet shoes

Ballet I  6-8 years old 

  • Pink Leotard, skirt, tights, Ballet shoes

Ballet II  8-12 years old

  • Black tights, leotard, skirt and pink Ballet shoes

Ballet Pre teens to Teens

  • Black tights, leotard, skirt and pink Ballet shoes


  • Black tights, leotard, skirt and pink Ballet shoes


  • Black Leotard and tights or Black Sports Bra and leggings, barefoot 


  • Sweat pants, joggers, Exercise gear
  • T-shirts, jerseys, tank tops
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers (worn only in dance class)
  • No jeans, tight pants, sandals or bare feet


  • Tank top, T shirt, Crop top
  • Sarong skirt 
  • Poi Balls


All classes begin exactly on time.  

Please arrive on time so students don’t miss the warm-up section of class.This is a safety issue, the students should have properly stretched before class to prevent serious injury

It is also disruptive to the instructor and other students to have class interrupted to accommodate a late student.

Parents of Preschoolers, we ask that you arrive early so your student can use the restroom before class.


We allow viewing of some classes through our glass windows.  When the class gets disrupted  and dancers are distracted, we will have to prioritize their best interest and close our windows for observation. 

(Technique and competition classes are not available for observation)


Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis, the progress of the class and the individual student will be affected. 

If the student has missed many classes and are really behind on choreography, we may disallow participation in Recital.


Parents and guardians of preschoolers are asked to stay within the premises so we can readily call on them in case a need arises.

All students are dismissed on time and must be picked up promptly. Parents please arrive 5 minutes before class ends.  We will not be responsible to provide child care after class.


One day notice is required to Excuse an  absence 

Make up classes may not be available when we’re working specific choreography in preparation for Recital performance Please reach out to the front desk so we can catch up classes after the recital

If your are unable to regularly attend your scheduled class, please call or visit the studio to adjust or change your schedule.
RECITAL – Please make sure to read our Recital guidelines and procedures

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