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Guitar Lessons

Learn to play Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Learn the music you love at Hollywood Music in Eastlake or National City. Along with playing your favorite songs, you will learn the following skllls; Rhythmic notation, proper fret hand position, Guitar chords and progressions, scales and arpeggios, reading sheet music, music theory, understanding time signatures, how to read guitar tabs, and good practice habits.

Our schools are located in National City and Eastlake,  Chula Vista. We have been serving the community since  1994.  More than music…more than dance….We are in the business of building confidence!

National City Guitar Lesson Schedule
Guitar – Group Lessons
Guitar – Private Lessons
Eastlake- Chula Vista Guitar Lesson Schedule
Guitar – Group Lessons
Guitar – Private Lessons

More About Our Guitar Lessons At National City San Diego And Eastlake, Chula Vista

What age can my child begin Guitar lessons?

Students ages 6 and up can enroll in our weekly group  class or individual lessons

What Styles Of Music Do You Teach?

We teach rock, pop, blues, metal, country and classical  guitar on electric and acoustic guitars. 

Do We Need To Have A Guitar At Home?

Yes so students can  practice at home between lessons. You can rent or buy  your guitar from us. A Nylon or Classical guitar is much easier to play, particularly for a young player. The strings are much wider and easier on the fingers.  

What Will My Child Learn In Guitar Lessons?

Our guitar students learn rhythmic notation, finger  technique, read guitar tabs, the fretboard, chords &  progressions, scales & arpeggios, strumming patterns,  tuning by ear, and more.

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Be Able To Play The Guitar?

Your child will be able to play the guitar on day one. However, to  progress and develop skills and achieve milestones will take  commitment. Hollywood School of Music and Dance offers a  consistent, supportive learning environment to help your child 

thrive and enjoy music lessons to the fullest. Allow us to build  their confidence through music! 

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