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Guitar Lessons

Learn to play Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Learn the music you love at Hollywood Music in Eastlake or National City. Along with playing your favorite songs, you will learn the following guitar skills; Rhythmic notation, proper fret hand position, Guitar chords and progressions, scales and arpeggios, reading sheet music, music theory, understanding time signatures, how to read guitar tabs and good practice habits. View the schedule below to learn more about guitar lessons now.

Playing the guitar is an exciting skill to have. Learning to play the guitar is an exciting journey that can open up new friendships, create new forms of expression and creativity and build new experiences in one’s life. 

Getting started with guitar lessons is easy

guitar lessons

It is important to understand the different types of guitars and the reasons they create different sounds from the same chords. 

The various types of guitars include bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and classical guitar. Each of these guitars offers its own unique sound, feel, look, and cost factor. 

Guitar classes for Beginners generally start with a basic acoustic or classical guitar to learn the fundamental chords. This is due to simplicity and affordability. 

The basics of guitar classes

Guitar lessons typically begin by teaching fundamental concepts that include:

Holding the guitar

Learning proper posture and hand position is crucial to developing good technique and preventing chronic injuries. 

Guitar anatomy

A guitar teacher will teach you about the different parts and functionality of the guitar. For instance, common guitar terms include the headstock, neck, fretboard, and bridge. This helps you deeply understand how the guitar sound is produced from each area on the guitar. 

Guitar tuning

A guitar teacher will teach you how to tune your guitar. Tuning the guitar is a vital skill in producing pleasant sounds and rhythms. You will learn how to use a tuner and develop an ear for tuning by ear. 

Basic chords

Learning the basic guitar chords is the building block to song creation. A beginner will start with the basic chords like C, G, D, E, and A and progress to advanced chord and hand positions with practice. 

Guitar strumming and picking 

Your guitar instructor will help you master the art of strumming and string-picking techniques that are essential to playing songs. 

Guitar vocabulary

To Become a well-rounded guitarist, it is essential to explore different musical styles and terms beyond your interest or comfort zone. Guitar lessons can introduce you to music from various cultures, time periods, and traditions. 

Expanding your guitar skills with guitar classes

Once you have mastered the basics, the guitar lessons will dive into advanced music topics that can include: 

Scales and music theory

Understanding music theory will lay the groundwork for music composition and a deeper understanding of chord transitions. Practicing music scales help you build hand-eye coordination, stronger fingers, and forearms, understand melodies and create solos in time. 

Barre chords

Barre chords involve holding down multiple strings with one finger and will open up a new chapter of chord development. 

Fingerstyle playing

The fingerstyle technique allows you to play melodies, chords, and basslines with less effort while creating rich and complex musical combinations and songs. 

Rhythm and Timing

Developing a solid sense of rhythm and timing is crucial for playing with other musicians and keeping the rhythm smooth and engaged. 

Guitar styles and genres

Guitar lessons are fun because they help you explore different guitar genres from history or culture. 

guitar classes

Different types of guitar styles can include: 

Rock and Blues guitar lessons

The world of rock and blues guitar music can shake and move you to the soul. You will learn iconic riffs, power chords, and blues scales. 

Classical guitar lessons

Learn the classical guitar classes and build repertoire and intricacies of fingerpicking and classical note pieces. 

Jazz guitar lessons

Jazz can feel your soul to the brim. Dive into the unique Jazz harmony, chord progression, and jazz guitar improvisation skills that are commonly used in jazz guitar playing. 

Guitar lessons create effective practice skills 

Practicing the teachings from your guitar lesson will help to improve your skills over time. Guitar classes teach you how to set achievable goals, and build time management and structure into your day. 

Guitar lessons help avoid common mistakes

Your guitar lessons will help you build solid fundamentals and avoid common mistakes. Common guitar-playing mistakes can include errors with fretting, strumming, hand coordination, and timing. A skilled guitar tutor will keep you building on the proper skills to build and sustain beautiful music.

Getting guidance while you learn to play the guitar at the beginner level or with some experience can significantly advance your musical skills, and understanding of music in general, and build confidence and self-esteem. 

The purpose of guitar classes can enhance your skills, reduce frustration, and advance your techniques. 

View schedule for guitar lessons below

Our schools are located in National City and Eastlake,  Chula Vista. We have been serving the community since  1994.  More than music…more than dance….We are in the business of building confidence!

National City Guitar Lesson Schedule
Guitar – Group Lessons

$105.00 four weeks, 60 minutes per week.

Guitar – Private Lessons

$145.00 four weeks, 30 minutes per week.

Eastlake- Chula Vista Guitar Lesson Schedule
Guitar – Group Lessons

$105.00 four weeks, 60 minutes per week.

Guitar – Private Lessons

$145.00 four weeks, 30 minutes per week.

More About Our Guitar Lessons At National City San Diego And Eastlake, Chula Vista

What age can my child begin Guitar lessons?

Students age 6 and up can enroll in our weekly group  class or individual lessons

What Styles Of Music Do You Teach?

We teach rock, pop, blues, metal, country, and classical guitar on electric and acoustic guitars. 

Do We Need To Have A Guitar At Home?

Yes, students can practice at home between lessons. You can rent or buy your guitar from us. A Nylon or Classical guitar is much easier to play, particularly for a young player. The strings are much wider and easier on the fingers.  

What Will My Child Learn In Guitar Lessons?

Our guitar students learn rhythmic notation, finger technique, read guitar tabs, the fretboard, chords &  progressions, scales & arpeggios, strumming patterns,  tuning by ear, and more.

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Be Able To Play The Guitar?

Your child will be able to play the guitar on day one. However, to progress and develop skills and achieve milestones will take commitment. Hollywood School of Music and Dance offers a  consistent, supportive learning environment to help your child 

thrive and enjoy music lessons to the fullest. Allow us to build their confidence through music! 

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