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About Us

FOUNDED in 1994

“If you love what you, you’ll never work a day in your life”! This quote is the first thing that came to mind while remembering how Hollywood Music came about.  We opened our doors in 1994, back when there were no iPads, no learning apps and our main advertising was word of mouth and handing out business cards. 

It has been a great privilege working with the kids in the community and indeed, here we are three decades later and it still doesn’t feel like work at all. 


Taking cue from my first piano teacher, Mrs. Ramos, we held our very first recital in 1994, the same year we launched our music school. We had about 30 students in attendance.  Fast forward to today and here we are, recitals and performances have become even a bigger a part of who we are. We continue to see living proof that when we let our students shine, they learn to believe in themselves. 


When you join our school, your child will have an immersive learning experience.  Theory and music foundation are creatively weaved into fun music playing. When it’s fun, it won’t feel like “practice”. 

Meet the directors


Husband and wife team, Andy and Elsa Caberte founded Hollywood Music in 1994.  A close friend of the couple describes Hollywood Music as a love story more than a business success story.  Read on…Elsa arrived in San Diego from the Philippines in 1985 and met Andy when she applied for a job at a music store where Andy was working. They worked there for a while with plans of opening their own business one day. That one day happened much too soon, the store they were managing had to close its doors.  Within a few days, Hollywood Music was born  (we didn’t call it Hollywood Music then; that will be another story)


We only offered Group piano classes when we launched in 1994. To this day, majority of our students are in group and are thriving. Children learning in a group environment are often more motivated and more inquisitive by their interaction with the other students in class. 

After 30 years experience of teaching group classes, we know how it works. Your child will very much be part of the class and will enjoy playing with the group on day one. Ask us how!


Andy’s background in music and Elsa’s degree in Psychology lay the foundation for Hollywood Music. They both strongly believe in the power of the arts in transforming the lives of children by building their confidence. 


Weekly recurring Group classes

1 hour each class

  • $100.00 (4 weeks)
  • $125.00 (5 weeks)

Weekly recurring private lessons

30 minutes

  • $140.00 (4 weeks)
  • $175.00 (5 weeks)

Weekly recurring Dance classes

1 hour each class

  • $70.00 (4 weeks)
  • $87.50 (5 weeks) 

Annual Registration Fee: $40.00 

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