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Preschool Music Classes

Presschool Music Classes for 4-5 year olds

Research shows that music has a positive impact on brain development starting right from birth. Music is especially helpful in brain development during early childhood. 

Language development:  Songs and music help children develop language skills by exposing them to new words, phrases, and rhythms. 

Cognitive development: A lot of mental activity is needed to play music. This includes memorization, problem-solving skills, and coordination. This can improve cognitive function in children. 

Motor skills: Playing musical instruments requires fine motor skills that can build better hand-eye coordination and dexterity abilities. 

Emotional development: We all know that music has the unique ability to evoke emotions and improve your mood. 

Social skills: Participating in a preschool music class is a terrific way to meet new people, adapt to social changes, learn to share, cooperate, communicate, and work together towards a common goal. 

Overall, music is a fun and engaging way to support your child’s growth and learning develops over time. 

Music for Little Mozarts

A course designed for preschool age students that provides a comprehensive approach to musical learning, using the piano

Students are introduced to new musical concepts and the performance of pieces, New concepts are introduced and carefully reinforced each class. The music was written to develop finger dexterity in young children and includes clever lyrics that will appeal to the student’s imagination.

The benefits of taking preschool music lessons are enormous.

Preschool Music classes are fun and engaging

Learn to keep the rhythm

Children will learn how to hear music and find the beat or rhythm. This is the first step to dancing, singing, and playing songs. 

Movement and body awareness

We teach children to move to the beat of the music. This will help build body awareness and coordination. Our fun preschool music lessons introduce different ways to move children’s bodies to musical beats through jumping, clapping, and hopping. 

Building vocabulary

Singing songs is a great way to introduce preschoolers to different types of music and tone ranges through engaging songs they will love to sing at home. 

Interactive music games

Playing games through music introduction through games is fun and helps build coordination, notice rhythm and move to the beat of a song.

Creative Storytelling

Stories through music are a great way to hear a story and engage in a child’s imagination.  Build creative thoughts and have fun with our music classes for preschoolers program. 

Our music lessons are fun and engage preschoolers by using visual props, and fun cues and are always interactive. We ensure that the music classes use age-appropriate music and activities.

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