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Fun Summer Day Camp – Eastlake, Chula Vista

Music Explorers camp is for beginner musicians ages 5 and up.  Beginner students will have the opportunity to explore and play different instruments and discover for themselves what instrument they will be most interested in learning in the fun summer day camp sessions.  

Students will learn to play basic notation, understand musical scales and chords, and learn rhythm and harmony. They will also learn to work with others to collaborate in ensembles, gaining invaluable experience in cooperative music-making.

In addition to the educational benefits of a music camp, students also gain emotional and social benefits by studying with like-minded individuals.  Music camp can also foster creativity; Campers are encouraged to unleash their creative side and have fun! 

The environment at a summer music camp is friendly, supportive, and collaborative. Instructors and mentors take time to personalize instruction and get to know each individual student as they practice, perform, and explore. The reward of music should be enjoyed by everyone, and summer music camps are a great way to make sure that even the most reluctant learner can reach their musical goals. 

Altogether, summer music camps provide a rewarding musical experience for attending students. Through the guidance of Hollywood Music’s experienced teachers, music campers can make new friends, try out new music, and most importantly, not be afraid to express themselves through music.  For life-long musicians and novices alike, a summer music camp is an unforgettable experience that will open the door to a lifetime of music.

Friendly & Fun Music Summer Day Camp

Prepare for summer that’s jam-packed with fun! Sign up for our Music Explorers Summer Camp program for beginner musicians ages 5 and up.

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Rock Band Summer Day Camp

Learning to play in a band is fun and engaging. You will learn to coordinate your rhythm with others to create music. Your child will have access to different instruments, and a great opportunity to make new friends and experience the total Rockstar experience.

Making music together, and building new friendships is a great combination for a good time this summer. Try different instruments and get guidance from your summer camp rock band leader on the best songs to play together all summer long.  

View local rock band lessons nearby you all through the summer day camp program.

Fun Summer Learning Day Camps

View the summer day camp rock band classes schedule online now in Chula Vista and National City at Hollywood Music and Dance. Summer camps grow confidence in a relaxed setting.

Rock Band Summer Camp for all levels

We are offering the summer camp rock band program for beginner to intermediate students to learn to play together as a band. Coordinate the instrument timing together and build lifetime friendships.

San Diego Day Camps For Kids Chula Vista Schedule

Our San Diego day camps in Chula Vista offer the ultimate thrill of playing in a rock band and performing at the end of the camp!

Browse the summer schedule now below to find the dates and times for your child’s age group.

Register by April 15 and get $50.00 off our Summer Camp.

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