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Raptor Series Guitars available at Hollywood Music, National City and Eastlake, Chula Vista

A guitar is about so much more than the wood, the finish, and the parts – at least a good guitar is. A good guitar is about how it makes you feel as well as how it makes you sound. The Raptor guitars have an old soul; inspired by vintage instruments from the golden age of guitar building, these harken back to a simpler time. Each Raptor is crafted to inspire you, to deliver tone and sustain that will bring out your creativity and transport you to another time and place.

Go ahead – strap one on, grab your favorite pick, and play for a while.

Learn to play guitar  at our National City or Chula Vista location.  Do you want to start with acoustic guitar or electric guitar? Not sure? We recommend booking a free trial.  Our teachers can guide you and help you choose your instrument. Take the first step today!  From age 6 and up

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