Music is magic. Magic is Life.”

– Jimi Hendrix.

Have fun while learning to play the guitar. Guitar lessons are a great way to learn how to play music and jam with friends. We offer group guitar lessons or private guitar lessons nearby you. View the schedule below to see the guitar lesson locations in San Diego now. Just imagine, you can join a band or play solo with the acoustic sound of a guitar. 

Find an experienced guitar teacher nearby you now!

Learning a new instrument is great for brain development, coordination, increasing focus, being creative, and building self-esteem. Not to mention playing fun songs with a guitar. An experienced guitar teacher will get to know your child or yourself and work from the level that you are. We often get requests for guitar lessons near me for beginners and musicians with a little to a lot of experience. Our guitar teachers will start at the level that you are currently at and work closely with you to improve your guitar or bass skills at your own pace.

Local guitar lessons nearby you

Find local guitar lessons nearby now.  View the guitar classes schedule online now in Chula Vista and National City at Hollywood Music and Dance. Contact us for guitar classes nearby for beginners to advanced students. Learn guitar nearby you now or find out about other popular music classes like piano lessons, drum lessons, and singing lessons

What types of guitar lessons do you offer?

Electric guitar lessons

You have found the right music studio. Our experienced electric guitar coaching classes are nearby you in National City and Chula Vista locations. Learn to play like a true rock star with electric guitar lessons. Sign up for electric guitar lessons nearby now!

Bass guitar lessons

The main purpose of the bass guitar is to hold the rhythm steady throughout the song. You will work closely with the drummer to maintain the song’s rhythm and be the glue that holds the song together. A true music hero! Find bass guitar lessons nearby now. We have experienced bass lessons near National City and Chula Vista music academy locations

Classical guitar lessons

According to Ernie Ball,

The ultimate difference between an acoustic and a classical guitar is the strings. Classical guitars use nylon strings as opposed to steel strings on an acoustic guitar.

This is where the major differences in sound come from. Nylon strings are a lot thicker and produce a more mellow, softer sound than steel strings.

Classical music is where the professional sound of music started. Work closely with an experienced guitar instructor near you now! Our classical guitar lessons are near Chula Vista and National City Hollywood music studio locations.

Acoustic guitar lessons

Similar to other guitars the acoustic guitar plays a memorable soothing sound. Commonly found around bonfires at the beach or a local open mic session at the cafe, when you learn to play the guitar acoustic style, you will turn heads and warm hearts. Work closely with experienced acoustic guitar coaching now. Find acoustic guitar lessons nearby now. Currently, we have acoustic guitar lessons at our locations at Chula Vista and National City music studios.

Jazz guitar lessons

Jazz music goes back over 100 years now in recorded history. Additionally, with a long vibrant history, playing Jazz can take your musical abilities to the next level. Find jazz guitar classes nearby for beginners now. We have 2 music studio locations in National City and Chula Vista. Find the closest studio to you and start to learn guitar now with a fun and experienced guitar instructor!

Where can I learn guitar?

Learn a new skill from an experienced guitar teacher. Browse the local guitar lesson times below to find a guitar class that fits in your schedule. Get ready to learn guitar soon!

The next steps are as follows. Browse through the location schedule closest to you and click the Register link to book your lesson time. Get ready to meet your fun and experienced guitar tutor nearby in National City or Chula Vista. Contact us now to book the best guitar classes near you now!

National City Guitar Lesson Schedule


Eastlake – Chula Vista Guitar Lessons

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