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Guide to choosing the right size guitar

As a parent having the responsibility of choosing the right guitar size for their beginning children can often be a difficult decision. A guitar size that is too big for a child can lead to frustration and lack of interest, but one that is too small can leave the child without the proper room to learn chords. Making sure that you get the right size guitar is essential to giving your child the motivation and ability to learn how to play. 

The primary consideration to make when choosing a guitar size for a beginner is the age of the child. Generally speaking, children between the ages of five and seven years old should start with a ½-sized guitar, which is also referred to as a “parlor” guitar. These guitars are easier for small hands to maneuver and play due to the shorter neck length and smaller body size.

Children between the ages of eight and eleven years old should start with either a ¾-sized or a ¼-sized guitar. These sizes are a mid-way between the ½ and full size versions, offering the child more room to grow into the instrument’s full potential.

Children aged twelve and older can usually handle playing a full-sized guitar, as their arms and hands are often large enough to reach around the larger body. The full-sized guitar has the same dimensions as an adult guitar, and is the same size used by many professionals. However, younger children may find themselves at a disadvantage with a full size guitar. 

In addition to age and size considerations, parents should also think about the style of music their children want to play. An acoustic guitar is a great place to start for a beginner, but if a child has aspirations of playing electric guitar then the right accessories will need to be purchased along with the guitar itself. 

When it comes to choosing the right size guitar for beginner children, parents should remember to keep in mind the age, size, and style that their child is looking for. A properly sized guitar can lead to hours of enjoyable practice, and could help to inspire a lifelong love of playing music. With a few simple steps, your child can start out with the right size guitar to give them the best head start possible.

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