You know the drum was the first instrument besides the human voice.

Billy Higgins

Have fun while learning to play the drums. Drum lessons are a great way to read music and try something new. You can join a band or play solo with the tribal sounds of a drum. 

Learning a new instrument is great for brain development, coordination, increasing concentration, and building self-esteem. Not to mention playing fun songs with a drum set or snare drum.

Find local drum lessons nearby now.  View the drum classes schedule online now in Chula Vista and National City at Hollywood Music and Dance.

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Learn a new skill from an experienced drum teacher. Browse the local drum lesson times below to find a bass class that fits in your schedule.

National City Drum Lesson Schedule

Eastlake – Chula Vista Drum Lessons

Elsa and Andy are good and caring owners of Hollywood Music. They are great entrepreneurs. They have all the patience with children. They treat each one as their own. This is a good place to enroll your kids for music, arts of dancing, music supplies, etc. They’ve been in this business for many years and … Continue reading Tezzie


“My daughter loves doing ballet . She’s so happy being here”