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When I was in middle school, I had piano lessons at Hollywood music with Auntie Elsa–just over 20 years ago. Although I was there just under two years, I attribute the lessons I learned there to my success with music programs and academics in high school and college.

I had been searching online and around town for a magic mic karaoke system to replace an old system our family purchased in the late 90’s from Hollywood Music. I no longer live in the area, but I googled Hollywood Music to see if they were still around, and to my surprise–they were! I sent an email asking for availability of the systems, and received a reply the same day stating they had them for sale at the National City location.

I walked into Hollywood Music earlier this afternoon, and was in shock to see Auntie Elsa there, still looking the same and still ever-so-passionate about her students. It was awesome to share fond memories with her about the “golden” years of the schools humble beginnings, and amazed that they are celebrating their 25th year!

Auntie Elsa, thank you for inspiring not only me, but countless individuals who have gone on to be successful within their own right. Even if playing music, singing, or dancing is not something that’s in the cards for us, your passion for the arts has forever left an indelible mark with us. It was best said by Agnus Gund, founder of studio in a school: “We share the importance of the arts, not only in society but also in building one’s self-esteem. And kids really grasp that: they’re confident and proud of themselves and share art with the people in our lives.”

Thank you for the music. Congratulations on your 25th year, and your current student body of 500+.

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