Piano Lessons for children age 4 to 6

What will your child learn on their first day of Piano lessons at Hollywood Music, Chula Vista?

Sitting at the Piano

  1. Sit up straight facing the center of the piano. Place your feet flat on the floor. IF your feet do not reach the floor, it is helpful to have a footstool under them when you practice.


  1. Hold your fingers in a nice curved shape. Imagine you are holding a ball in each hand. That is the way the fingers should be curved when playing the piano. Your wrists should be level with your arms.


  1. Draw an outline of your hands on a piece of paper. Number each finger. 1st fingers )Thumbs)
  2. 2nd fingers
  3. 3rd fingers
  4. 4th fingers
  5. 5th (little) fingers


  1. The black keys are in sets of 2’s and 3’s.


  1. With your left hand, play 2 black keys then with your right hand play 2 black keys
  2. With your left hand, play 3 black keys, the with your right hand play 3 black keys.

If you need help with this mini lesson or want to have your child try out piano lessons, book your free trial at Hollywood Music Eastlake or National City