Singing Lessons in National City and Eastlake

For more than 25 years, Hollywood Music has been known to produce entertaining recitals and shows featuring its music students. When we started this business in 1994, there were only very few studios offering the same services. Since then, many have come and gone and we are still around. This year proves to be most challenging due to the Covid 19. The lock down order came totally out of nowhere. Our first thought, was we will only be out for one week. One week turned into months, three months to be exact. But, good news! We made it! We are still not over the pandemic but our students thrived and progressed in online classes. Some have returned to in -person lessons and some are still not ready to come back but are continuing with lessons through Zoom.

So what’s our take on this? There really is no reason to stop learning. It might have been easier to just say no, virtual lessons don’t work. Or, like what most of our students did (with the help of their parents of course), is persist. We may have had a few glitches but we all learned our way around it. It is smooth sailing these days.

Our students are resilient, strong, confident, persistent, true champions! And they love making music!

How about you? Do you have a child who loves to sing, wants to learn to play the piano or the ukulele? How about the violin or Drums? Request for your free trial today.

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