Group Music or Private Music Lessons?

How do you decide?

26 years ago, in 1994 when we first opened Hollywood Music to the public, we only offered Group Music lessons. We did not give any options to take private lessons and that’s the way it was for a great number of years. I’m not exactly sure what year, but as I began to listen closely to parents and consider the individual needs of our students, I decided to offer 1:1 lessons as well. As a parent, how do you decide?

We will begin with asking a few questions about your student, schedule a free trial with one of our teachers and help you decide after. After a few lessons and you think you want to switch to group or private, we can accommodate that. We have a team of dedicated teachers and our lessons are ongoing year round, we can definitely find the perfect spot.

Ready to begin your child’s journey to Music? Reach out and request a Free trail lesson today.

Elsa Caberte

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