Monthly Music Jam Sessions at Hollywood Music

Would like to take lessons in a group setting, or one-on-one lessons or Is it convenient for you to come down to one of our Hollywood Music studio locations? Or would you prefer to have one of our private instructors give you a lesson from the privacy of your own home?
Here at Hollywood Music, we all invite you to enroll and participate in something that could grow like a powerful investment. As a music instructor, there is no greater fulfillment than helping a student overcome the hurdles of the craft and discover new things about themselves and the world they live in.
Music is everywhere and has a prominent role in the lives of those who welcome it! So let me make the process simple and easy:
1.) Visit
2.) Choose your instrument and class time. Don’t see what you need on the website? Contact our helpful friendly staff to answer any question you may have.
3.) Register online or in person at one of our 2 locations.
4.) We will call you to confirm!
5.) Finally, attend your chosen class and let the fun begin!
When our students have been attending classes for two months, they are ready to participate in our monthly jam sessions. These are designed to bring the whole school together (no matter of their level of capability) to participate in the song that was selected that month. These are so much fun for everyone involved! Even those who tag along or happen to be in the area at that time! It is a very special opportunity that isn’t available for everyone studying music, just those who do it here with us! Here at Hollywood Music being a positive influence in the community while staying in touch with our strong family values ensures that our students develop and grow consistently while making the most of their journey along the way. So don’t hesitate any longer, do it! Challenge yourself and let the experience take you to new places you never imagined!

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