Group Music Lessons

When we opened our studio in 1994, we only offered piano, guitar and singing in group setting.  We did not offer private lessons at all.   We only added private lessons later on when we started enrolling really young children who couldn’t sit and stay focused for one hour of lesson.  What are the advantages of taking music lessons in a group?  Is it effective, do they learn, how exactly does it work?

In my experience, group music lessons are very effective.  The students look forward to coming to class each week, they develop a camaraderie with the other students and together, they feel more motivated and challenged and committed to achieving their goals.  They would sometimes even have a contest as to who gets to class first, who finishes and passes their homework first and who gives the right answer first when it comes to music theory.  The key to making it effective is keeping the group small, so there is still opportunity for individual progress.  So if you ask me if it is effective and if they learn, my answer is yes.  Next blog, I will write about our Band program and how our students are thriving and soaring.

Do you want to check out our Music lessons?  You can request your free trial class at  Hollywood Music & Dance, National City 619-474-0122 or Hollywood Music, Eastlake 619-397-3430.

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