Princess Ballet Class

Welcome to our Princess Ballet Program!  for ages 3 to 5 years old

We provide a dance experience that nurtures your princess’ dreams! She will soar with confidence, wear her crown with a smile and sparkle in her heart with joy.


Princess Ballerinas are automatically promoted to Ballet 1 when they turn 6 right after our Summer or Winter Recital

What to expect?


Monthly-every last day of the month, we celebrate our princesses’ progress in class.  We will be treating them to a Magic Wand Dance Experience. There will be lots of laughter, and oohs and aahs as they discover what’s in the magic box and what the magic wand can do! We will announce our theme and our princesses can wear a costume or tutu color to coordinate with our theme.

Ready to put a little sparkle in your child’s eyes? Book your free trial class today, call our National City location at 619-474-0122


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