Pre-School Dance Classes

What can be more exciting than having little ones, as young as two years old come in through the front door, so happy for their first dance class? Nothing! They actually make our day so much so that we have a Pre-school dance class each day of the week. We are one big family at Hollywood Music and Dance. Our front desk staff, our teachers and families all support our little dancers. It is all about them. We celebrate their little successes, cheer them on when they don’t feel like dancing, encourage them when they’re having one of those days they feel like clinging to mom. We are amazed how much they grow in such a short time. What was once a shy, not talking, not listening child, suddenly soars with confidence and follows teacher’s instructions. This is our Win! And this is why we do what we do.
Are you ready for your child to experience the magical world of dance? Request for your free trial class today.

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